Infographic: time to barbecue!

According to our recent study, more than 85% of Europeans use sauces during a barbecue, and about 60% consume dips. 

Ketchup and guacamole win the hearts of consumers

As the preferred condiment of 70% of Europeans, ketchup is the king of sauces, directly followed by mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. Dutch consumers stand out for having a strong preference for garlic sauce instead, followed by mayonnaise and satay sauce. The majority of Europeans (60%) choose the regular version of their favorite sauces over “light” options. In Italy and UK, on the other hand, low-calorie versions are the most popular.

However, no barbecue is complete without dips. In this case, guacamole is Europe’s favorite, preferred by 53% of consumers, followed by hummus, salsa, aioli and tzatziki.

What format do we choose?

More than 40% of sauce-consumers favor a top-down plastic bottle, especially the British, 60% of whom prefer this format. On the other hand, French and German shoppers would rather have their sauces in glass jars or bottles. Only 4% of European shoppers favor tubes of sauce.

When it comes to dips, 60% of consumers prefer the “ready-to-dip” version, but 27% of shoppers opt instead to buy loose ingredients to prepare homemade versions, especially Italians and Germans. 

Both sauces and dips however, register fairly low brand loyalty, with an average of 70% of European consumers stating that they would switch to a different brand in the event of a good promotion.

*The data cited in this article refers to a survey conducted in May 2019, among 5.350 users of the Roamler app in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.