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Discover the full potential of your market and create perfect sales opportunities. Our database gives you access to data from over 3 million out-of-home locations across Europe.

Get recommendations

Utilise a combination of data and AI.

Stay up-to-date

Obtain key location information for your brand.

Locate the ideal outlet

Create selections and lists for sales and marketing.

Get recommendations

The Location Database uses various on- and offline sources to ensure reliable and up-to-date data. By utilising AI and machine learning, we are able to provide personalised recommendations and identify locations with the highest potential for your product based on your best performing accounts.

Stay up-to-date

Our Location Database offers 30+ features for obtaining key information for your brand. The tool can answer questions about the location, product fit, surroundings, and terrace availability. With this information, you can execute your strategy perfectly and avoid sending sales representatives to closed or incorrect locations.

Locate the ideal outlet

Get country, city, and location information from profile features. Create selections and lists for sales and marketing and easily find your ideal sales outlets. Location Database is user-friendly and accessible for any company. Export selections and lists to Excel or link to Salesmapp, Salesforce, or Hubspot with our API integration.

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“By declaring the Roamler Location Database as our single source of truth, we ensure that we always work with the best up-to-date data.”

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Location Database


Discover the full potential of your market

Looking for a no-nonsense tool to help you expand your existing coverage and reach the right market? Look no further: Location Database, accessible in Data Outlet X (a former Datlinq product) is the search and recommendation platform you need to map the rapidly changing Out-Of-Home market for you. Get quick access to data from more than 3.000.000 locations in Europe and improve the efficiency of your targeting.

Recommendations and connectivity to your CRM

Targeting based and features

Quick access to the data of 3 million points of sale within Europe

Discover cities, channels and outlets

Recommendations based on AI

The Location Database is compiled from many different on- and offline sources, providing you with up-to-date and reliable data continuously.

Using AI and Machine Learning, location database is able to deliver personal recommendations and advise you on, among other things, outlets relevant to you. We can, for example, find location outlets based on your best-performing accounts and provide you with a list of locations with the highest potential for your product.

30+ different food-market oriented features

The Location Database works with 30+ different features that allow you to filter to get the right data for your brand. Get up-to-date information on location profiles and use the search function to obtain detailed data. A wide variety of questions are answered, such as: Does the outlet still exist? Does it match your product? What do the surroundings look like? Does the venue have a terrace? Based on this data, you can execute your strategy perfectly and ensure that no sales representative travels to a closed or wrong location!

Select outlets using profile features

Discover data about countries, cities and locations through several profile features. You can also create various selections and lists to give your sales and marketing team the right tools to succeed. Locate your ideal sales outlets quickly and easily to prepare your sales team!

The selections and lists you create can be exported to Excel or linked to your favourite sales tool (Salesmapp, Salesforce, Hubspot) via our API integration.

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