Technical solutions that drive growth


Optimise in- and around-home and commercial installations, maintenance, and repairs with an on-demand workforce of independent professionals.

Thanks to its community of certified technicians and handymen, activated entirely on demand, Roamler provides you with the flexibility you and your customers have been waiting for. Roamler takes full responsibility for the results of every task its community executes, ensuring you top-quality service aligned with your established KPIs and a fully transparent process.

Technical installations that enhance efficiency

Technical installation services are crucial in building value for your company and enhancing customer satisfaction. Empower your business with a more customer-centric approach while cutting overhead and increasing volume, speed, and footprint!

The flexible resourcing provided by Roamler allows you to:

  • Extend your fixed workforce
  • Scale your installations according to the actual demands of your market.

Our community of independent professionals is ready to pick up your scheduled installations and execute them according to your own requirements and quality standards. This way you can scale your operational capabilities to meet your customers’ needs while optimising overall efficiency.

Maintenance services made flexible

Maintenance services are essential in ensuring your clients improved performance of their devices and the most efficient protection against downtime.

With Roamler you can count on an extra workforce to carry out your maintenance services with the utmost attention to detail.

Roamler’s certified technicians provide you with the best quality of work, performing your maintenance services entirely on demand. Outsourcing maintenance services to a community of independent professionals spread across the UK allows you to stretch your capabilities when and where needed while delivering world-class service that meets your standards.

Repair services at scale and speed

Repair services are key in building customer satisfaction and in growing your business. When a problem occurs, speed, availability, and reliability are crucial in your response. That’s when our widespread community of professionals performs at its best!

You can outsource repairs to Roamler’s pool of certified professionals who can provide timely and efficient interventions completely on demand.

Thanks to its widespread community of independent technicians equipped with diverse certifications, Roamler allows you to efficiently respond to your clients’ issues right when and where they occur.

How it works

Roamler has years of experience in connecting specialised independent professionals using the best mobile technology.

Your scheduled in-home and commercial installations, maintenance, and repair services are made available to the Roamler professional community via the Roamler mobile app.

Each technician sees only the tasks that match his or her skillset, certifications, experience, and location. Professionals accept your scheduled visits, perform the assignment according to your instructions, and submit the related information and photos for a final quality check performed by our team of reviewers.

The right partner for your technical services

Roamler combines the flexibility and scalability of an on-demand community of independent professionals with advanced mobile technology and efficient data modelling. This way of working enables you to continually monitor your operations, allowing you to adopt timely, data-driven solutions that accelerate your business.

Do you want to boost your technical services while keeping full control and ensuring the best quality of work?

Then Roamler is the right solution to add efficiency and scalability to your operations. Our community receives custom training to perform your scheduled installations and repairs on your behalf, in the homes of your end-customers, on their preferred day and time.

A full range of technical installation services

The Roamler professional community is specialized in different fields of activities including:

  • Telecom
  • TV & Internet
  • Smart Home
  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning)
  • EV
  • Electrical

Enjoy the benefits of task-based approach to technical services

Outsource widespread and repeatable in-home and commercial installations, maintenance, or repair services to our community of on-demand, specialised technicians and empower your business with:


Maximum Flexibility

Activate our community entirely on demand, according to the real needs of your business.


Full scalability

Extend or substitute for your employed workforce to add speed, volume, and footprint to your operations.


Enhanced operational efficiency

Optimise the management of your technical services with a widespread community of professionals ready to take action where and when needed.


Increased customer satisfaction

Put your consumers at the centre of your business by allowing them the freedom to schedule their in-home services at their own convenience.


Lower costs

Cut overhead, transportation costs, and fleet maintenance and get the most out of your budget.


Transparency at each step

Keep full control over each phase of your processes with detailed insights and comprehensive dashboards in real time.

End-to-end solution

Enjoy the advantages of a fully customised process that enhances efficiency and puts your customers at the center of your business.

Roamler offers you an end-to-end solution which covers all aspects of your customers’ journey.

Thanks to our advanced technology we can help you optimize and streamline the different steps of your process, from setting up an online appointment portal, to direct customer billing.

Full control, maximum quality

As a company offering in-home and commercial technical services, your highest priority is delivering quality of work and attention to detail. At Roamler we combine the most reliable technology with advanced data modelling to ensure you top-level performance and full control over your operations.

  • Certifications

    Roamler Tech is certified according to the ISO 9001 – ISO 27001 – VCO quality standards.

  • Onboarding

    We only work with certified installers and provide them with on-the-job training.

  • Inspections

    On-location inspections ensure full compliance with your requirements.

  • 100% visual control

    Each installation is documented with photos and is manually reviewed by our team.

Ready to add efficiency to your installation and repair services?