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Be in charge of your time!

Tasks are available 24/7. It’s up to you to decide when and where to take action!


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Doing in-store checks can easily be combined with getting groceries. Combining the useful with the pleasant, while earning something too, is perfect to me.
- Cindy Retail

As an electrician, Roamler gives me the opportunity to carry out my passion for technical work by supporting planning, administration, and personal development.

- Anthony Technical

Free insurance

Did you know that as a Roamler you can request free insurance? This way, you always have a safety net when you perform tasks via our app. After requesting your insurance, you are insured against the following during all your shifts:

  • Business liability
  • Accidents

The insurance has been drawn up in collaboration with our partner Alicia Benefits. Want to know how it works and request your insurance?

Download, register, go!

Download the free Roamler app in the App or Playstore and easily create a profile. You can now access paid tasks near you by scrolling the list or opening the map. Did you find a task that you like? Go for it! You use the app to answer questions and upload photos. Done? Wait for the task to be approved. Your earnings will be shown in the app afterwards!

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