Leverage our best-in class mobile technology and a community of thousands of trained shoppers across Europe, to get timely in-store insights or execution power and beat competition.

In-store insights

Get timely in store insights by activating our on-demand auditors across Europe, and make effective data-driven decisions when and where it matters.

Merchandising and Sales

Activate our on-demand merchandisers and sales professionals across Europe and easily fix your in-store execution and field sales where and when it’s needed.

Ratings & Reviews

Generate authentic reviews through our communities and place them on the most relevant platforms for your markets in a fast and cost-effective way.

Retail Monitors

What do the European Fresh Produce markets look like in terms of distribution and presentation? Receive valuable insights from live dashboards.


Discover a full end-to-end route to market, driven by technology and data, to boost sales and increase revenue in the Out Of Home channel.


With Focus, we help you optimize your field team by simplifying tasks in-store and allowing them to prioritise high value-added activities.

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