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Improve your online presence by receiving honest and unbiased reviews. Focus on boosting your sales and improving your SEO.

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Improve online presence

Better reviews lead to better SEO with high levels of trust and credibility.

Increase online sales

Genuine consumer insights lead to increased sales.

Drive consumer interactions

Let customers make informed purchase decisions.

Increase your online presence

Search engines prioritise websites and products with a high level of trust and credibility, indicated by positive reviews and ratings from customers. Actively engage with your customers and receive positive online feedback through our platform.

Increase your online sales

Having at least 20 reviews can result in up to 50% more conversions compared to having no reviews.* Additionally, statistically speaking, an average rating based on at least 29 reviews is more representative and less volatile.

*Roamler customer results

“Working with Roamler for over 3 years, we have seen sales increase in the supermarket.com’s by 5,5%. We’ve worked with Roamler on over 500 lines.” – E-Commerce Manager – Major FMCG brand

Drive consumer interactions

Customers spend more time understanding your products, reading genuine consumer experiences and making informed decisions. Our study shows that 70% of consumers won’t finalise their online purchase without reading reviews. In-store purchases are also influenced by reviews, as 40% of consumers won’t buy without reading reviews.

“Reviews from our target audience are key when it comes to high priced items. Roamler can focus products to the right people, generating insightful reviews.” – Senior E-Commerce Manager – Multi-category consumer goods

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Ratings and reviews


Leverage our best-in class mobile technology and a community of thousands of trained shoppers across Europe, to get timely insights and beat competition.

Ratings and Reviews

97% of shoppers consider ratings and reviews a crucial component of the shopping experience and a key part of the path to purchase. Whether consumers choose to shop online or in-store, the availability of reviews strongly impacts their purchase decision.

  • Leverage our large community of trained shoppers to get unbiased and relevant reviews that:
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall SEO results

Get reviews that boost your products and drive results

Roamler can help you generate authentic reviews and place them on the most relevant platforms for your markets in a fast and cost-effective way.

Our Roamlers can test your products, write an authentic review about their experience, and post it on the most relevant platforms in your desired languages. This way you can get the exposure that really makes the difference for your products and services.

With thousands of European consumers ready to share their opinions online, the number of ratings and reviews for your product will be booming in just a matter of days.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your target audience

    At Roamler we can segment our community according to multiple variables. This way, you can be sure to get the opinion of the right consumer type.
  2. Pick the best channels

    Our Roamlers follow specific instructions on where to publish your reviews. Pick your favorite platforms, or let our experts optimize your visibility.
  3. Get real feedback

    Our trained shoppers only give honest and unbiased reviews. Get to know how end-users perceive your product in different countries and within your desired timeframe!

Give your online ratings a boost with the help of our Roamlers