The all-in-one Field Sales App for Foodservice professionals. With Salesmapp you have real-time data from the biggest OOH database at your fingertips allowing you to improve productivity and boost the sales of your field teams.

Save 20% of your time to
focus on sales

with features specifically developed to boost efficiency of your sales team

Identify new sales

thanks to real-time data from the biggest OOH database in Europe.

Make your appointments
more effective

by targeting the best locations to visit and boost your sales

Order management

Allow your sales reps to place an order directly on the application

Activity planning

Allow your sales reps to capture all the relevant information: visits, contact details…

Map functionality

Optimize the travel of your sales reps with the most efficient route

OOH location database

Have access to prospects & customers linked to our OOH location database

Distribution measurement

Let your field team do distribution measurement

Nearby locations

Look for locations nearby and find all the prospects & customers in your area

Opt-in process

Enter a new contact and start an opt-in process for sales & marketing

Save 20% of your time to focus on sales

Salesmapp is specifically developed to improve the productivity of your sales team (map functionality, order management, activity planning…). The app works on-and offline and can be used anywhere. Using the tool can increase sales efficiency by saving up to 20% of the sales time.

Have full control over your territory with real-time data

Collect all information filled out by your sales reps in one dashboard. The app is 100% integrated to our Location Database, the biggest Out Of Home database in Europe, providing real-time information.

  • Appointment dashboard
  • White spots analysis in your territory
  • Cross-sell opportunity dashboard
  • Real-time product availability per segment
  • Distribution competitor compared to your universe

Make your appointments more effective

Select the best locations to visit and maximise sales potential. Create lists for sales and marketing and easily find your ideal sales outlets.

  • Newly opened outlets in my region
  • Prospects that have never been visited in a busy area
  • Bars that are open in the evening with a review score higher than 4.1
  • List of lookalike locations

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Make every customer meeting a well-prepared success!

Image a fully integrated CRM system, updated with all relevant data from the Out-Of-Home market that is easy for your sales team to take with them. Salesmapp is the Field Sales App that supports your sales team on the road to sell products effectively and efficiently. By always having the right information at their fingertips, they make every sales conversation a success.

Access to up-to-date information from all relevant sales outlets

Always current POS data per sales area

Advanced and integrated order system

Transparant distribution measurement, at a glance

100% integrated with the rich Location Database

The app is fully integrated with Location Database so your team is always provided with up-to-date information. The app fully supports your sales team with all sales processes such as activity planning, distribution measurement and transfer orders.

With Salesmapp, you can work your market in a simple and effective way and reach the maximum potential of your sales outlets.

Integrated order process and reporting capability

Salesmapp includes all typical activities for the Ou-Of-Home market such as route planning, area management, contacts, distribution and orders. Through the Salesmapp application it is even possible to place an order directly.

With the app, your sales reps are able to register everything that happens during a visit. The app even works offline and can be used anywhere on the go. Setting and outlining clear goals becomes easy with the goal formula, allowing your team to work effectively. Efficiency can even be increased by saving up to 15% time on activity management.

All sales activities for the Out-Of-Home market in one place

Salesmapp is easy to use. The app has a very comprehensible manual and both the sales and marketing team can use it. Ideal for small and medium-sized FMCG companies that specialise in the food and beverage industry and are looking for ways to sell products more effectively and efficiently, Salesmapp is a field sales automation platform that helps to reach customers in a direct way.

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