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In-store insights

Identify and activate growth levers for FMCG brands and retailers by gaining real-time insights. Track all your KPIs and work towards the perfect store execution.

Identify growth levers

Grow distribution, fix out-of-stocks, improve execution.

Save time

Collect insights from major European retailers faster.

Take data driven action

Use data to steer your commercial strategy and guide your field teams.

Identify growth levers

Is your brand not performing as expected? Gain insight into what is happening in-store and ensure that your brand is available, visible, and affordable.

“In almost 20% of stores, the margarine section turned out to be very limited or even absent.”
Emmanuel Schuft, Sales Director at St Hubert

Save time

Speed matters in retail! Don’t wait until your field teams visit a store. Leverage technology to get your insights faster across the main retailers in Europe.

“Roamler allows us to make a quick in-store observation and take immediate actions.
Maxime Barailles, Category Manager at Carambar & Co

Take data driven action

Empower your commercial teams with data-driven insights to provide strategic recommendations to your customers. Implement these recommendations more effectively with the help of your field sales team.

“Roamler allows us to discover data that’s not available in panels.”
Claire Burnet, Category Manager at Ferrero.

Success stories

“Roamler is a very convenient solution if you have limited resources and need a huge outcome of data and efficiency.”

“Roamler is a reactive, reliable ally that knows how to be in the right place at the right time.”

“We use Ratings & Reviews mostly for new products in order to rapidly create reviews. This way we have a high online activation.”

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Your in-store insights in real time


Get timely in store insights by activating our on-demand auditors across Europe, and make effective data-driven decisions when and where it matters.

Crowd-supported instore audits

Roamler leverages a large community of thousands shoppers, ready to perform instore audits where and when you need it. These auditors are constantly trained and matched to your needs according to skills, experience level and location. They are tasked to visit your POS, report on all your relevant KPIs, and share photos of what is happening in every store. Thanks to the Roamler technology this data is manually validated and is made directly available to you through dashboards and custom reports.

A wide range of retail store audits

Are your products visible and available to consumers? Track all your KPIs in real time and work towards your perfect store execution.


On-shelf Availability

Are your products on the shelves and ready to be purchased? Get access to a granular view on all KPIs of availability at SKU, brand or category level.

  • SKU availability
  • Core range distribution
  • Out-of-stock rate by time of day


On-shelf Visibility

Do your products stand out to consumers? Our liquid workforce reports on all the KPIs driving the visibility of your brands on shelf.

  • Share of shelf
  • Share of assortment
  • Layout execution brand blocking, aisle flow, position on shelf


Category management

Does your real execution match your perfect store execution? Get the data you need to implement solutions that drive shopper loyalty and category growth.

  • Distribution analysis
  • Price and product analysis
  • Category analysis
  • Perfect store programs

Retail compliance audits that make the difference

How are your strategies implemented on a store level? Keep track on your overall compliance, uncover issues in real time and enable your field teams to fix execution gaps before they impact sales.


  • Promotion and POS execution
  • Planogram
  • Price
    2nd placement and POSM
  • Asset / touchpoint mapping

Focus on customer experience with crowd-supported Mystery Shopping

Are your consumers provided with the right information and proper service? Let our real, on-demand shoppers assess store and personnel performances and deliver unbiased, accurate feedback in real time.

  • Consumer experience
  • Product/service compliance
  • Purchase recommendation

Maximize your in store execution

Traditional store audits companies can be costly, slow and limited in volume and coverage. Unleash the power of our liquid workforce and allow your field teams to use their full expertise to drive sales.



Get your insights up to 70% faster. Our on-demand workforce takes action immediately, auditing multiple POS across countries and delivering insight in real time.



Stretch your capabilities entirely on-demand. Our workforce allows you size each project according to your specific needs, monitoring all your relevant KPIs.



Target your in store audits to facilitate wins. Our widespread capabilities allow you to focus on the physical stores with the best opportunities for your field teams.



Cut extra costs and optimize your budget. Our trained on-demand auditors are already in the vicinity of your points of sales, so that your field force can focus on driving growth.

The liquid workforce tailored to your every need

Roamler provides you with a fully flexible workforce and the best-in-class technology to boost your field marketing strategies, and take timely and effective data-driven decisions. Activate thousands of trained auditors spread across Europe entirely on demand to:

  • Extend your own field teams
  • Substitute your field forces
  • Integrate fixed and liquid field forces

Powered by people, driven by data

At Roamler we collect and combine activity, sales and execution data coming from millions of checks executed every year across Europe.

By combining efficient data modelling with technology, we are able to identify patterns and cluster stores accordingly. This knowledge is translated into targeted calls to action for either owned or crowd-based field forces. This enables companies to only manage exceptions, and address them in the quickest and most efficient way.

Curious to learn what our on-demand auditors can do for you?