Our commitments to environmental and social responsibility.

Saving CO2

Up to 30% reduction in carbon footprint

Enabling kids to build a better future

Roamler donates 1% of crowd earnings to Net4Kids

Up to 30% reduction in carbon footprint

Roamler links community members to nearby tasks using geo-tagged tech, erasing lengthy commutes.

This approach slashes carbon footprint by up to 30% as tasks are easily reachable by foot or bike, aligning with a recent study showing an average 4km travel distance per task.

Roamler donates 1% of crowd earnings to Net4Kids

Since 2018 Roamler supports The Rainbow Homes, a program that aims at providing young girls in India, aged between 4 and 18, with education, nutrition, love and a safe place to live.

Working for a sustainable future


At Roamler we believe that the use of flexible, localised resourcing leads to the most sustainable approach to business.

Increased operational efficiency

In conjunction with a liquid workforce that can be activated anytime and anywhere, the flexibility of the Roamler business model enables companies to stretch their volume and footprint on demand. The “plug&play” nature of our platform allows businesses to: cut fixed costs reduce overhead allocate budgets in the most efficient way

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