Market Monitor


Gain detailed insight into the on-trade market

The on-trade market is a dynamic and highly volatile market. Market Monitor is the most detailed continuous measurement across all channels of this market, providing targeted channel, category and brand insights.

Total overview of the on-trade market

Actual insight into market trends

Make strategic and operational decisions based on reliable insights

Access to detailed data through a unique combination of sources

Insight into distribution of brands and suppliers

For more than eight years, we have measured the numerical distribution of brands, suppliers and other items in the changing Out-Of-Home market. What is happening in the market? What trends do we see through the years (Light products, 0.0 beer)? How does your brand perform compared to competitors? And what is your distribution share?

What can we track for you?

Food Drinking Sleeping Working Sports Events Concerns Learning Caterers Shopping Food Shoppen Non-Food

Beer Bitters Cola Sinas Ice-Tea Lemon Drink Rivella Water Flavoured Water Fruit juices Sports Drink Choco Fristi Choco Warm Coffee Coffee Machines Foaming Tea Supplier Cold Drinks Supplier Hot Drinks

French fries Boxes sold French fries Sauces Oils Main supplier

How does it work?

The Out-Of-Home market Market Monitor distinguishes itself from other data platforms through its richt database, by realising extensive samples among 30.000 locations. This allows trends to be mapped very accurately within specific segments, such as zoo’s or amusement parks, but also per region or city.

With Market Monitor you can work in a data-driven and targeted way in the Out-Of-Home segment. Research results are updated monthly, so the analysis of data is always up to date. Let marketing and sales work in a targeted way and make better decisions.

Up to date

The continuous movements in the Out-Of-Home market are well monitored through years of research. The research results are updated monthly in the convenient Tableau dashboard, which facilitates data analysis. This way, you always have up to date insight into your distribution share, performance, position relative to your competitors and brand loyalty.

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