Winning “Bean-to-Cup” consumers on the shop floor

The growth in this industry was prompted by the increasing popularity of chain coffeehouses, where consumers became educated on the variety of coffee drinks. Coffee-machine manufacturers wisely leveraged consumers’ need to enjoy the same great fresh coffee experience with the touch of a button in the comfort of their home.  

However, fully automatic coffee machines remain only a dream for many consumers due to the main barriers to category entry: high price points and perceived complexity of maintenance.  
Manufacturers are generally unwilling to lower the prices, and they prefer to invest in the story-telling that would reassure the purchase decision on both rational and emotional levels, shortening the consumer decision journey. 

Although online ratings and reviews are a very important step on the consumer’s journey, the brick-and-mortar part of the shopping experience still plays a big role in “sealing the deal” for  many consumer segments.
Making sure that in-store execution connects to the brands’ marketing strategy is quite challenging.  Many brands recognize that assessing the quality of recommendations from store personnel and the consumer’s overall shopping experience in real time are essential to identifying potential issues and correcting them before they impact sales.  

Yet how is it possible to accomplish this both quickly and with quality across retail banners and markets?

Crowd-sourced  store checks are an efficient and sustainable solution for getting real-time insights about product visibility, availability, and — most importantly — the performance of store personnel: how convincing their recommendations are, if consumer needs are identified and if the technological capabilities of the product is explained in the language of consumer benefits.
Next to these elements of the shopping experience, nothing speaks louder to in-store consumers than the taste of the freshly brewed coffee.  For this reason, many retailers host coffee-making demos where manufacturers compete for shoppers’ attention then and there. Thus, for manufacturers, having a complete and timely overview of competitors’ in-store demos and other promo activity is highly useful, but this is often not easy to manage with their own field-marketing teams. 

Roamler helps manufacturers to extend their commercial reach and capabilities by delivering accurate data and actionable insights in a matter of days. The Roamler mobile community is quickly activated on-demand, reporting on visits to thousands of locations across Europe.  Once validated by a team of reviewers, the results are instantly made available in the form of real-time dashboards that enable decision-makers to take immediate and data-driven actions.

With the high season around the corner, manufacturers can use real-time retail data and insights to gain the strong competitive advantage they need to meet and exceed their sales targets.
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