International French Fry Day!

Today is International French Fry Day, but are French Fries French and what are the latest trends on French Fries?

Firstly, are French Fries French? Rumour has it, that American soldiers during World War 1 were introduced to ‘French’ fries. Their Belgian French speaking colleagues, were from a region called Wallonia. In Wallonia the main language is French, but they are Belgian. That’s why the American soldiers thought the fries were French, while actually they were Belgian.

So, which trends on ‘French’ fries do we see in our Market Monitor?

In 2021:

  • The amount of snack bars in The Netherlands has grown by over 2%
  • The amount of snack bars in Belgium has grown by over 4%
  • In social dining and fast casual restaurants, we can see an increase of the use of fresh fries and a decrease of frozen fries

For more than eight years, the numerical distribution of brands, suppliers and other items has been measured in the changing On-Trade market.

In the snack & fries segment Roamler monitors brand distribution, amount of boxes sold, which sauces locations use, which oil they use to fry and who their main supplier is.

In The Netherlands, we can see clearly that there are more snack bars per capita in the south of The Netherlands. Zuid-Holland has more snack bars in total, but the population is a lot bigger (3,7 million compared to 2,5 million).

Number of snack bars in The Netherlands

In Belgium we can see, that the province of Antwerp has the highest amount of snack bars in Belgium.

Number of snack bars in Belgium

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