Improving in-store execution to increase customer loyalty in grocery stores

These new demands challenge traditional retailers to understand and satisfy consumers better and faster than the competition. 
Undoubtedly, every retail chain wants repeat customers who regularly patronize their businesses. However, when what is on offer is more or less the same in every store, how can retailers innovate and build a large and loyal customer base?

Only those brands that strive for shopper loyalty in every phase of the customer journey have a real chance to succeed in the long term, especially considering that online giants such as Amazon are also gaining a foothold in grocery shopping.

But what does “loyalty” really mean to consumers?

According to recent research, consumers tend to describe themselves as “loyal”, but in more than 80% of cases, they split their weekly purchases among two to three grocery stores. 
Even though shelf prices and promotions are still key in choosing a retailer, product quality and service performance have become the real differentiators in winning and retaining more consumers than the competition.
Younger generations in particular, such as millennials and Gen Z, place a higher value on factors such as digital engagement, personalized offers and retailers’ brand equity.

But where does customer satisfaction in brick-and-mortar stores start?

The spotlight is again on making the in-store customer experience easy, quick, and pleasant.
The major benefit that traditional retailers provide for consumers is the ability to see, feel, and try a product before the purchase. That’s why ensuring flawless in-store execution — where products are always visible and available, and promotions are always clearly implemented inside each POS — is the first crucial step to winning and retaining new customers.

Crowd-supported insights represent an efficient and quick way to identify critical areas and implement corrective actions in every store. The Roamler mobile community numbers more than 600.000 on-demand shoppers who, through the Roamler app, can report on the availability and visibility of products in real time.
The data and photos gathered in every POS is first validated by our internal teams of reviewers and then made available in the form of intuitive dashboards and detailed custom reports.
In addition, leveraging a Crowd of on-demand individuals who perform in-store tasks in their immediate vicinity allows retailers to cut down on costs and repeat checks on a regular basis. This ensures the activation of a cycle in which issues are identified, corrected and consistently monitored over time.

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