How to get Ratings and Reviews that drive Sales

With 97% of shoppers claiming to consult online ratings and reviews before a purchase, getting consumers to write about the products and services they use is the next big challenge for businesses.

Not so long ago, the need to consult ratings and reviews applied mostly to products and services with high involvement levels and prices; today, however, users’ opinions strongly effect sales for all industries and product categories, regardless of the channel of purchase.

70% of online shoppers claim they will not consider buying a product before first checking its reviews. This percentage is also constantly growing for in-store purchases, with 40% of consumers declaring they will not finalize a purchase before first reading about the experience of other users.
While nearly everybody seems to be interested in reading reviews, how much can brands rely on customers to share their own opinion, be it either positive or negative?

According to research, only approximately 3 products out of 10 get reviewed online, with younger millennials being the most reluctant target group to share their experience.
On the other hand, most consumers state that they want to read an average of 6 reviews before deciding whether or not to trust a product.

In this complex and highly competitive scenario, how can brands ensure their products get the right online exposure in order to increase sales?

Let the Crowd evaluate your products

Mobile Crowd-sourced ratings and reviews represent the perfect solution to bridge the gap between the strong need for authentic end-users’ opinions and the lack of motivation that often prevents consumers from writing about the products and services they have used.
At Roamler we work with a Crowd of 600,000 shoppers active throughout Europe who are constantly connected to our platform via our mobile app. This allows us to profile the most suitable target audience to test products and services and to ensure reviews are available on the most relevant platforms within established timeframes.

Real customers, authentic reviews

Authenticity is key to gaining the trust of potential new customers and to driving sales. Letting consumers formulate an honest opinion is vital to increasing sales. In addition, a negative sentiment is not necessarily perceived as bad: it contributes to building trust and eliminates the “too good to be true” feeling. For this reason, letting a Crowd of real shoppers share authentic opinions is crucial to winning more consumers and challenging competitors.

Boost launches of new products

Whether a product is already on the shelves or about to be launched, Crowd-supported ratings and reviews represent the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective way to complement the marketing investments made by manufacturers with the right online exposure. 
At Roamler we have significant experience in letting our Crowd test new products and produce accurate and unbiased reviews by the time they get in the stores. 
Our project managers follow every step of the process, from identifying the most suitable target audience to testing and reviewing a product, to taking care of all the required logistics.

Would you like to know more about how our Crowd-supported ratings and reviews solutions can help your business increase visibility and sales? Contact us!