Consumer report: the strawberry season

In the upcoming months, the consumption of strawberries will rise due to the start of the strawberry season. This is the perfect time to learn more about the European preferences concerning the consumption of this summery and refreshing red fruit.

We’ve asked our large community of shoppers to tell us about their preferences in terms consumption, frequency, shopping channel and much more.


An impressive amount of 93% of Europeans consume strawberries. The majority of Europeans (42%) says to consume strawberries on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly, the percentages increase during spring (60%) and summer (67%). Throughout Europe, indeed, May, June and July are the most popular
months to eat strawberries.

Fun facts

  1. Spain (82%) and Italy (83%) are the only European countries that consume more strawberries during spring rather than summer.
  2. The UK shows a remarkably high percentage of people eating strawberries “all year round” (53%), compared to the European average (19%).


With 84% preferences, supermarkets are the most popular shopping channel to buy strawberries. Surprisingly 16% grows them in-house. 42% buy them at the market, 32% at farm stores, 15% at bio supermarkets and 12% at convenience stores.

Fun fact

Spain shows, compared to the rest of Europe (32%), an impressive high percentage of buying strawberries at farm stores (69%).


#1 – Freshness (71%)

#2 – Price (62%)

#3 – Red color (61%)

#4 – Country of origin (42%)

#5 – Size per piece (36%)

#6 – Amount in package (29%)

#7 – Expiration date (19%)

#8 – Bio / Eco production (12%)

Fun facts

  1. Italy (47%) and France (44%) prefer nationally produced strawberries.
  2. The UK (13%) and Netherlands (17%), instead care the least.


During the strawberry season, the majority of European consumers (42%) buys strawberries once a week, usually in a package size of 500 grams (56%). Most Europeans spend between 5-10 euros per week.


Taste (95%), refreshment (53%) and the fact that strawberries are a seasonal fruit (47%) are the main reasons why Europeans buy and consume them. Meals where strawberries are most enjoyed are desserts (67%) and snacks (58%).

More fun facts

  • An impressive 16,5% of respondents declares to grow strawberries themselves!
  • An average of 81% of European consumers keep strawberries in the refrigerator (this is recommended). In Germany, however, 23% claims to store strawberries in kitchen cabinets.
  • Only 8% of Europeans claim to not like strawberries in their natural, raw state, preferring them incorporated in a dish. The Netherlands scores the highest percentage of consumers enjoying strawberries on toast (59%).

The findings presented in this report are based on the results of an investigative task submitted to the Roamler Crowd during the month of March 2019. The purpose was to determine the crowd’s purchasing practices when it comes to strawberries. The findings take into account data collected from 3.808 respondents, located in Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK.

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