Building a flawless brick-and-mortar experience in the omnichannel era

As consumers came to expect more from brands, multichannel sales set the new standard, and now an omnichannel approach is the goal toward which all businesses strive. 

In this new landscape, retailers are called to provide customers with a seamless user experience at each brand touchpoint and ensure that they can easily purchase the desired product anytime and anywhere.

Because providing consistency and continuity of service is often easier and more controllable in virtual interactions, when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores, retailers must keep in mind that shoppers no longer visit physical stores because they must but because they want to.

In this context, positive interactions between customers and staff as well as excellent in-store execution are key to reinforcing brand trust among consumers, which consequently generates both higher sales conversions and long-term customer loyalty.

Conditions in brick-and-mortar stores such as products missing from shelves and limited product knowledge among store personnel can seriously compromise the relationship with potential customers, thereby generating losses for brands and retailers as well as along the other touchpoints.

Crowdsourcing represents a reliable and sustainable way to analyze, measure and immediately correct what happens in-store.

By deploying a widespread Crowd of thousands of smartphone-enabled shoppers, retailers can easily check what customers see and experience directly in each store and quickly implement corrective actions to avoid losses.

Crowd-supported insights can provide retailers with real-time, location-based information regarding the availability and visibility of products in-store. In addition, mystery visits performed on-demand by real shoppers can deliver an efficient, eagle-eye view on the quality of service offered to consumers and their perception of it. 

The Crowd can also perform on-demand merchandising tasks, such as replenishing shelves when products are out-of-stock or installing branded materials directly in each POS to optimize the execution of promotional campaigns.

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