Winning the “epilator challenge”: lift up seasonal sales through the Crowd

resulting in a natural uptick in purchases of multiple Consumer Electronics categories.
Sales of products such as epilators, shavers, trimmers and travel-sized hair care products increase during the hottest months of the year.

How can Consumer Electronics manufacturers ensure they don’t miss out on this commercial opportunity?

Let’s take a quick look at the purchase process around these items. 
The  decision journey for Consumer Electronics is longer and more complex than for other products. Yet, although most CE products fall into the “learn-feel-do” purchasing pattern, personal-care appliances follow a slightly different path.  

Research conducted by GFK reveals that the behavior around personal-care appliances tends to revolve around convenience, cost and solutions to personal-care needs.  Immediate availability is another CDJ differentiator and a strong purchase driver, with nearly 40% of in-store shoppers declaring they want to obtain their product right away without having to wait.
This paves the way for CE manufacturers and retailers to successfully implement “impulse” tactics.

In this context, in-store execution is crucial to increasing seasonal sales and outsmarting the competition. 

Here are 3 pieces of advice for CE manufacturers to make the most out of the upcoming summer holiday season: 

1) Placement is king

Whatever screams “Grab me!” is going to win  the attention of shoppers.  When it concerns epilators, low/mid-end shavers or travel-sized hair dryers, ensuring your products’ second placements along the main aisle or next to the check-out will make a big difference in sales volumes. 
Roamler can help you check your in-store execution, delivering fast insights about store compliance and uncovering problems before they impact sales. Our app-enabled shoppers can easily report on the visibility and availability of your SKUs at any store in real time, allowing you to make timely, data-driven decisions.  And if  you need any issues to be fixed immediately, our dedicated merchandising communities can easily make quick changes.

2) Enhancing visibility of POSM

When the selling proposition revolves around the promise of a better self-image, compelling visuals do play a big role in driving impulse purchasing.  Making sure POS materials are in place and ready to grab shoppers’ attention is crucial in maximizing the impact of seasonal shopping trends.
Roamler provides you with a Crowd of on-demand merchandisers who place your POSM right where they should be, ready to win you new consumers.  

3) Exploring different channels

Personal-care products and travel-sized appliances are naturally more likely to be bought on impulse. Introduce your listings in higher-traffic channels like drugstores, convenience stores, and hyper/supermarkets.  

With Roamler you can make smart use of Crowd-supported sales by relying on highly specialized and trained professionals who extend your commercial capabilities on-demand. Crowdsourced  sales activities in  different channels or independent/fragmented CE retail located in tourist areas can provide a considerable advantage in growing your footprint and reaching new potential customers in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. 

Interested in knowing more about how the Crowd can integrate with your own sales force and help your promotions stand out? Read more about our Crowd-supported sales and merchandising services.