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How we change the way people work

The new generation of workers is looking for more independence and flexibility. Here’s how Roamler meets this emerging need for a more efficient work-life balance.

Through the eyes of the Crowd

What are the advantages of being part of an on-demand Crowd? We asked some members of our community to give us an insider’s perspective on what it means to be a Roamler.

How to activate a Crowd

Roamlers — users who perform tasks via our app — form the core of Roamler. Keeping the Crowd happy and active is the most important goal of the community managers at Roamler. In this article we share our best practices to make it happen.

Whitepaper: Roamler Tech

How crowdsourcing will continue to transform the in-home and businesss services market over the next five years

Featured FAQ: Overview performed work

In this article we dive into Roamler’s way of reporting back to you, giving you an answer on the Frequently Asked Question “How do we get insight into the performed work and results?”.

Roamler Care: working smarter in healthcare

With Roamler Care, independent healthcare professionals can benefit from the first platform that enables them to access, choose and perform individual tasks according to their preference.

Client Success Story: ESWE

How our plug and play platform enables businesses to scale in e-mobility. Read more about our collaboration with ESWE.