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Consumer report: Sunscreen

It’s summertime and most Europeans are already enjoying the sun! We’ve asked our mobile community to tell us about their usage and purchase behavior around SPF products.

Consumer report: shopping at petrol stations

How do European consumers behave during a visit to a petrol station? Do they just fill-up the tank or do they indulge in a snack or a coffee too? We’ve asked our large community to tell us all about their purchase habits while on the road.

Consumer report: OTC medicine

The use of over the counter painkillers has been a controversial topic. We were curious to analyze the consumer behavior around the purchase of OTC painkillers, with a specific focus on “general pain” and “seasonal allergies”.

Consumer report: the strawberry season

The strawberry season has just started, giving rise to a strong increase in consumption throughout Europe. We have asked our Community to tell us more about their purchasing habits around the most beloved red fruit.

Consumer report: dairy or dairy-free?

In recent years the market of dairy-free alternatives has witnessed an incredible rise in sales. We’ve asked our community to tell us about their preferences in terms of taste, shopping channel and much more.

Roamler Consumer Report: Shopping at Convenience stores

The Convenience channel has seen an increase in visits over the last few years. What are the main reasons and the most sought after products? We have asked our large community of shoppers about their purchasing practices at convenience stores.