Catering slightly lower and hospitality slightly higher than 2020

For the first time, the hospitality industry has exceeded the number of visits compared to last year, while home delivery is down slightly but still above last year! In Visit Report P11, we look at the period from the 11th of October till the 7th of November. In this period the hospitality and retail industry were almost completely open, but what do we see in our results? Read on and make sure you are up to date with the latest developments!

The hospitality industry lags behind last year despite rising in visits

The number of visits to the hospitality industry for the first time (apart from P4) exceeds the number of visits compared to last year. In terms of turnover, it is mainly the home delivery service that has to make up for this. Leisure and fast service have the lowest decrease in visits compared to last year YTD. For restaurants, the number of visits in November is almost twice as high. But all in all, this means that the gap with 2020 can no longer be made up, also due to the current lockdown measures.

Supermarkets main reason for attracting retail visitors.

Retail has now more than made up for its loss in visits at the beginning of the year and is on average at the 2019 level. It is retail food that is growing with the supermarkets as the trigger. With YTD growth rates of 25% for retail food and 10% for retail non-food, the aim is to match 2019/2020.

Home delivery slightly down but still at a high level of 12%.

In the previous P-report, an average of 1 in 7 meals was ordered. Now we are about 1 in 8 meals which is still a lot. On paper, home delivery is still just a little higher than in 2020, including the peaks in P4/P5 last year during the height of the lockdown.

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