Are brick-and-mortar stores still shopable?

But are the consumer’s basic shopping needs still properly covered inside the stores?

Despite the undeniable rise of e-commerce, about 80% of shoppers still rely on physical stores for more than half of their purchases and consider the physical environment an important part of the shopping experience. Customers choose to visit physical stores because they want to touch, try on, and take home their purchases immediately.

Unfortunately, many retailers seem to have neglected the basics of their physical locations in favor of an excessive focus on high-tech features, such as mobile apps integration or augmented reality, often damaging their brand image and customer loyalty. 
Stores that are not clean, organized or properly stocked are not uncommon: according to research, about 70% of consumers claim to have had at least one bad in-store experience in the past 6 months. In addition, two out of five shoppers report frequently experiencing empty shelves and disorganized inventories.

The negative impact of shoppers’ unmet needs strongly affects brand image and, consequently, the bottom line.
Customers value consistent experiences, and when retailers fail to meet their expectations, nearly 70% of shoppers are more likely to shop at a competitor.

Physical locations are still retailers’ biggest assets. 

When a brand is able to offer a positive and satisfying in-store experience, shoppers spend more time in-store, and compared to online shopping, they are twice as likely to make a big purchase and three times more likely to make an impulse purchase. Indeed, unplanned purchases represent a huge opportunity for physical retailers as 4 out of 5 impulse buys are made in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Crowd-supported audits and merchandising activities represent the most efficient way to quickly unveil and fix those issues that might give rise to a bad in-store experience and consequent loss of revenue.

Roamler relies on a widespread Crowd comprised of hundreds of thousands of smartphone-enabled shoppers across Europe. Activated on-demand and tasked via the Roamler mobile app, these individuals can deliver real-time data and photos about OSA, OOS, cleanliness of the premises, customer experience and other crucial KPIs.
At the same time, the Crowd can also carry out merchandising tasks, such as building up branded displays, setting up promotional materials and replenishing shelves with products during peak times. 

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