The 3 main implications of non-compliance in the execution of planograms

However, simply implementing a planogram is not enough: what is really crucial to success is checking that planograms are correctly executed.

Retailers that cannot ensure compliance waste the selling potential of their biggest asset: their shelf space. Retailers who do not manage their shelf space surrender control to suppliers, who will naturally tend to push their products in spite of the best interest of the category as a whole.

For customers, lack of compliance strongly affects the shopping experience as they can no longer get the products they want when and where they want them.

Finally, by failing to implement planograms correctly, retailers also lose accountability with manufacturers, who will discover instances of non-compliance and use these for leverage in future negotiations.

These 3 aspects of non-compliance in the execution of planograms have important financial implications:

1) a decrease in foot traffic.

2) excessive inventory holding with difficulties in reducing OOS situations and managing stock replenishments.

3) a bad reputation with manufacturers.

Conducting regular, in-store checks can help retailers identify and solve issues before they impact their bottom line.

A traditional field-marketing approach is often too slow and expensive to sustain over time. Fortunately, there is a better solution: Crowd-supported, in-store checks, which offer retailers timely, location-based data at a sustainable cost.

By leveraging a Crowd of mobile users spread across Europe, retailers can easily get the answers they need directly from every POS in multiple countries in a matter of days. 

The members of our mobile Crowd perform available tasks directly in the stores in their immediate proximity. Thanks to our advanced mobile technology, they are guided step by step in reporting on the required KPIs and photos. The data are instantly transferred to our internal teams, who execute a quality check and make it available in the form of live dashboards and custom reports.

This provides retailers with a timely and extensive overview of in-store compliance in multiple locations, allowing them to quickly identify and address criticalities.

Would you like to know more about how our Crowd can help you ensure compliance? Get in touch with our team!