Interview with a Product Owner

You might be wondering, what’s it really like to be working at Roamler’s Product team? We interviewed one of our Product Owners! We asked him 9 questions about the ins and outs of the product team, read on if you’re interested!

  1. Why did you choose Roamler 5 years ago?
    I really liked the concept after performing retail tasks with the Roamler app myself, as part of the Dutch Roamler community. The people behind the scenes were always super friendly and I think that’s still one of the biggest assets after 5 years.

  2. What career steps have you been able to take within Roamler?
    I started as a project & community manager for Retail Belgium. After 2 years I made the switch to the product team. This means that I now have (shared) responsibility for both the Roamler app and the back office, the way in which we make tasks visible to the community and how we make that data available for the various other teams within Roamler.

  3. What technology does Roamler work with?
    We mainly work with Microsoft Azure for our cloud services, architecture, and machine learning, always with the latest technologies. We use Power BI for our data products. So as you can see many Microsoft products, although developers are free to choose their own tools as well.

  4. Which tech stack do the IT people us at Roamler?
    Our backend is mainly built in .NET and C# and for the frontend, we have apps in React and the Roamler app is built in React Native.

  5. What does the development cycle look like?
    We use Scrum within IT and that means we collect feedback from our users, discuss the tickets as a team and then post on our sprint which lasts 2 weeks. The developers are free to comment on each other’s pull requests so that the quality remains high. After the sprint, we do the sprint review together with the team and stakeholders to show what we have built and to collect feedback.

  6. How would you describe the culture in your department?
    We have a young, modern, international team with a very open culture, where we are responsible for our products together. Everyone works together towards one goal, which is very important to us. Many team events are organized to relax with the team and to have some fun besides work.

  7. Roamler has grown rapidly in 5 years, from 50 to 300 employees. What did this mean for your position?
    I think that often a lot of things constantly change within scale-ups and that creates a lot of opportunities. As a product owner, it is quite the challenge to get everyone on the same page, but to see how successful we are with what we do ensures that you always go home with a good feeling at the end of the day.

  8. How free are you to choose where you work? At the office, at home or both?
    At Roamler you are free to choose which days you go to the office. Everyone can work from home, but we see that many people still enjoy going to the office every now and then. Especially now that we have a brand new office in Amsterdam North, where all kinds of modern facilities are available and good drinks are served on Friday afternoon.

  9. What are the further development opportunities for Product professionals?
    As a fast-growing company, Roamler has many opportunities to develop yourself. For example, you can improve your knowledge with Pluralsight, but you can also grow within Product to another position if you wish to do so.

Would you also like to work within our Product team? Lucky you! We have vacancies available. Go check out our vacancy website. We would love to meet you for a cup of coffee at our office in Amsterdam North.