Infographic: Our “loaf” for bread!

An impressive amount of 96% of Europeans consume bread. Most Europeans eat bread on a daily basis (39%), followed by “multiple times a week (27%) and “multiple times a day”, with 22%.

Europeans enjoy bread mostly during breakfast and lunch. However, in Italy and France “dinner” is the occasion where bread is consumed most often.

Whole-wheat bread, baguette, white bread and multi-grain bread top the charts in Europe.
Consumers prefer buying bread in supermarkets (81%), but – not very surprisingly – also in bakeries. 50% of Europeans state to buy bread at bakeries where only bread is sold, but bakeries where a variety of baked goods are sold (read: cakes, cookies, etc.), is a popular channel too (28%).

The findings presented in this infographic are based on the results of task submitted by the Roamler Crowd. The purpose was to determine the crowd’s purchasing practices when it comes to Bread. The findings take into account data collected from 5.991 respondents, located in Italy, France, Spain, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

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