Accuracy: our most valuable asset

There, data coming directly from the Crowd across Europe are gathered into live dashboards and granular reports.

Are you interested in knowing how we provide our clients with only reliable and accurate data? In this article, we’ll take you through our 4 steps to maximum accuracy.

1.         Individual reviews

Every submission coming from the members of our Crowd is manually checked by an international team of reviewers. These employees also cover shifts during evenings, weekends and holidays in order to ensure full support for the Crowd and real-time data for our clients. Only after all parts of a submission have been approved (question answers, pictures, location, etc.) the data becomes available on the Roamler Client Portal.

2.         Representative photos

At Roamler, photos are of vital importance. The pictures submitted by our Crowd must be clear, taken live in stores from the right distance and with good lighting. In addition, each photo needs to respond exactly to the requirements of the task. If the photos do not meet these requirements, the submission gets rejected, and the task needs to be performed again.

3.         Correct location

The accuracy of the task location is crucial to delivering the most reliable insights. The Roamler app makes use of an advanced GPS technology that enables our team to verify that the data have been submitted from the exact location requested in the task. Furthermore, if a Roamler visits a location that differs from the one outlined in the app, he or she receives a warning to change locations so that he or she can perform the task correctly.

4.         Extensive answers

We often also request our Roamlers to describe their shopping experience, including the interaction with store personnel, cleanliness of the facility, etc. This extra information is useful for both our clients and our Roamlers, who get the opportunity to elaborate on different aspects of the consumer experience. The members of our Crowd are required to submit a report that meets or exceeds a minimum word count; this way, we can provide brands with extensive collateral information about their in-store execution.

These four pillars contribute to enhancing the quality and accuracy of the data we provide our clients across the whole of Europe. Whether this happens in retail, the tech industry or in healthcare, our location-based technology and built-in review system can address any business problem with a data-driven solution that improves operations at all levels.