Roamler helps in providing a digital CV for platform workers

Online platforms in The Netherlands are launching GigCV, a digital certificate for platform work. Over 50.000 platform workers can now gain access to their data and are able to build their digital CV.

Babysitters, home cleaners, and those performing other short-term gigs via online platforms are now able to obtain proof of their work experience. A personal GigCV can be downloaded and serves as valid proof of work experience through gig platforms.

Growing labor opportunities

GigCV is an initiative of platform expert and researcher Martijn Arets, and started out as a collaboration with four online platforms within the gig economy – Charly Cares (babysitting), Helpling (home cleaning services), Roamler (retail, technical and healthcare services), and YoungOnes (miscellaneous short term gigs).

The four platforms involved in the launch have a combined total of over 50.000 registered platform workers. Every worker of these platforms is now able to download their GigCV for free. This document should improve their opportunities on the labor market.

Stepping stone to more or further work opportunities

With GigCV, workers are now able to generate this printout themselves. Wiggert de Haan, co-founder of Roamler outlines, “Anyone willing to work, has many platforms to choose from. We want to be our users’ favorite. Users have the right to retrieve their data, so we provide them with what’s already theirs. And when they choose to apply for permanent employment, we are ready to help.

Arets’ research demonstrates that work experience within the platform economy very likely adds to the trust potential employers and clients place in workers. Platform work makes entering the labor market easy, as almost anyone can sign up. Even people with no experience and those who are available for only a few hours a week can find work via online platforms. GigCV should become the stepping stone to more work or other types of work opportunities. With this digital certificate, a platform worker can now show proof of being, for example, a competent field sales professional. They might not have any sales diplomas or certificates, but over 300 executed field sales tasks through the Roamler platform that show proof of their skills.

Unique collaborations

This is the first time platforms have made mutual agreements on data sharing with workers. According to Arets, “The fact that we’ve come so far is due to the simplicity of GigCV. It consists of a package of agreements, standards, and tools which all platforms are able to implement themselves. GigCV operates as a non-profit.

GigCV is partly funded by the NSVP (Dutch Foundation for Psychotechnics) and SBCM (Knowledge Center and Labor Market & Training Fund for Social Employment). Thanks to partners like digital service agency Freshheads and lawyers at ICTRecht, the costs have been kept to a minimum.

From gig platforms to temporary agencies

The initiating platforms are encouraging other digital intermediaries to join this initiative. It doesn’t matter if they work with freelancers, employees, or temporary agency workers. In the end, every worker has the right to own their own data. Arets adds, “Great interest is being shown in the concept, also among, for example, digital temp agencies. Soon, we will see five more platforms allowing workers to request their GigCV.

The implementation of GigCV is rather easy”, Wiggert de Haan, co-founder of Roamler says. “The most important thing to arrange from our side is the data collection from the platform.

Scientific research

GigCV is going to be expanded to include more information. In the future, it will even be possible to transfer certain data to other platforms. Meanwhile, Arets and scientists from five different universities are studying the impact of GigCV on labor market opportunities for workers. Arets elaborates, “Does data sharing empower the workers’ position? And under what circumstances? As GigCV has launched, we may be able to answer these questions. And this knowledge will in turn fuel public debate.

More information? Visit GigCV, or contact Roamler.