Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are automatically stored on the hard disk of your computer or other device when you visit a website. The information in these cookies is used to – for example – store your preferences and settings, but also to measure the use of our website. This ensures that you do not have to keep entering the same information repeatedly and enables us to improve the website, app and services. We ask permission for using these cookies. This means that we only place these cookies after you have given permission. You can revoke this permission at any time.

Functional and essential cookies

Functional or essential cookies ensure that our website functions properly, and therefore always concern anonymous information. These cookies enable us to – for example – save your settings and browser-specific settings (anonymously).

Analytical cookies

These cookies provide us with insight into the use of our website. They show us which pages are effective (for example because people spend more time on them), which pages trigger error messages and which browser is being used. These cookies enable us to improve our website, app and services.

Marketing cookies

These cookies enable us to show you personalised and improved advertisements from us, so that advertisements are more in line with your needs. In addition, we can use information from other web-sites, which means you may also come across our advertisements on other websites.

Specifically, these cookies enable us to do the following:

  • keep track of which advertisements you have already seen;
  • keep track of how often you have already seen an advertisement;
  • keep you from seeing the same advertisement repeatedly;
  • keep track of whether you click on the advertisements;
  • keep track of whether you visit our websites or the App or Play Store after being shown an advertisement and clicking on it;
  • combine your online surfing and searching behaviour regardless of the device you use;
  • by combining these characteristics, we can assess your interest in advertisements and ad-just the advertisements we show you on third-party websites accordingly.

In placing these cookies, we engage the following parties, and we recommend that you read the pri-vacy statements of these parties:

  • Facebook;
  • Google;
  • Bing;
  • LinkedIn.

In conclusion

We can amend this cookie statement when we change the website, the app or our services, or when the rules on cookies change. Therefore, you should read the cookie policy on a regular basis. The privacy statement contains information on how we handle the processing of your personal data.