Launch Monday Morning Price Tracker

Receive pricing data before 11.15 am & take action!

After a successful pilot in January, Roamler will launch their newest monitor, the Monday Morning Price Tracker (MMPT), in March 2023. Subscribing to this monitor provides you with weekly price and origin information of fresh produce products, giving insight into pricing levels communicated by majorretailers in Germany.


The monitor provides a weekly overview of promotions, price, and country of origin before 11:15 am. This will help your trade become more structured and less reliant on rumours.” – Christiaan Rijnhout, Commercial Lead Fresh at Roamler

How to use it

The Monitor is an effective tool for adjusting commercial strategies based on real-time prices, as well as for observing subcategory seasonality and providing feedback to production. When the MMPT is initially launched, data will be collected from German retailers. Roamler intends to expand the Monitor to other countries, beginning with British and French stores.

What products are included?

The basic basket of the monitor contains the following products:

  1. Organic Bananas
  2. Bananas
  3. Iceberg lettuce
  4. Grapes – White seedless 500 gram
  5. Melon – Galia
  6. Bell pepper – Traffic light
  7. Pineapple
  8. Broccoli

Christiaan says, “Customise the monitor to fit your product line. Just tell us which products (besides the basic basket) you’re interested in and we’ll send you a proposal. We’ll onboard you to the monitor to ensure you get the most out of the data. We currently offer 50 product types, but we are open to adding more based on your needs. Please let us know if there are any products we are missing.

How and where is the data collected?

Every Monday morning before 10.30 am, 36 to 58 stores across Germany are visited to get the latest data to feed the monitor. All this data is immediately analysed and reported in Power BI before 11.15 am that day.

Christiaan: “This means we’ll visit over 2500 stores per year for this monitor alone. We visit supermarkets in every Nielsen region. Every Monday morning, dozens of Roamler app users are sent to predefined stores via our app technology, following clear instructions. Each submission is manually checked by our international team of reviewers. Our data team then analyses the submitted data and converts it into actionable information for you before 11.15 am.”

Monitor subscriptions are available up from €125 euros a week, including training and full onboarding. For AGF and FreshPlaza readers, Roamler is making this week’s preview of the Monday Morning Price Tracker available for free.