Technical installation and repair service made easy


Optimise technical installations and repairs in and around the home with a community of certified, on-demand specialists.

Technical installation and repair services

Providing quality technical installations and repairs are important to increase customer satisfaction. With our professional community of self-employed craftsmen, equipped with a range of different technical degrees and certifications, Roamler offers you the flexible service you and your customers have been waiting for.

What tasks can you expect?


The installation service that strengthens your business

Create more opportunities for your business and focus on a more customer-centric approach while reducing overhead and increasing volume and speed! With our flexible community of Roamlers, you can expand your permanent teams and scale in-home installations according to market demands.


Repair services that deliver value

The repair industry requires capacity and speed. Roamler provides you with the flexible workforce you need to expand or replace your permanent teams. This way, you can repair in a timely and effective manner, and meet or exceed your customers' expectations.

How it works

Roamler has years of experience in connecting jobs to professionals using the best mobile technology.

  1. Your scheduled installations and repairs are available through the Roamler app to professionals who fully meet the required skills, certifications, experience and location.
  2. Our community sees and accepts your installation or repair request directly in the advanced Roamler app. Within the app they also document their activity, using photos and location-specific information.
  3. Each job completed is submitted to our team of reviewers for a final quality check and then made available to you via our Customer Portal, or via a direct API with your own system. Through live dashboards, you have instant insight into the complete process.

The right partner for your technical installations and repairs

Roamler combines the flexibility and scalability of an on-demand community of independent professionals with advanced mobile technology and efficient data processing. This way of working gives you constant insight into your operations. This allows you to implement timely, data-driven solutions that accelerate your business.

Want to boost your installation and repair services, while maintaining full control and ensuring the best quality of work?

Then Roamler is the right solution to add efficiency and scalability to your operation. Our community gets customised training to perform your scheduled installations and repairs on your behalf, directly at your customers’ homes, at the day and time of your choosing.

A full range of technical installation and repair services

The professional Roamler workforce includes thousands of experts and technicians who can efficiently handle your installation and repair requests, in the following categories:

  • Telecom
  • TV & Internet
  • Smart home
  • Electrical
  • CV
  • EV

The benefits of task-based installations and repairs

Outsource technical installations and repairs to our certified community of on-demand professionals and focus on a fully data-driven approach to your business, with:


Maximum flexibility

Activate our community completely on-demand and based on the actual needs of your business.


Full scalability

Increase or replace your own teams, adding speed and volume to your operations.


Improved operational efficiency

Optimise the execution of installations and repairs with a widespread community of professionals ready to take action when and where needed.


Increased customer satisfaction

Put your customers first by scheduling installations and repairs on a day and time of their choosing.


Lower costs

Reduce overhead and transportation costs and make the best use of your budget.


Transparency at every step

Maintain full control of every stage of your process with detailed insights and comprehensive real-time dashboards.

Full-featured solution

Enjoy the benefits of a fully customised process that increases efficiency and puts your customers first.

Roamler offers you an end-to-end solution that encompasses all aspects of the customer journey.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we can help you optimise the different steps of your process; from setting up an online appointment portal to direct billing to the customer.

Full control, highest quality

As an engineering installation and repair company, delivering quality is your top priority. At Roamler, we combine the most reliable technology with advanced data analysis. Thus, in addition to the best quality, we guarantee you complete control over your operations.
  • Certification

    Roamler is certified to ISO 9001 – ISO 27001 – ISO45001.
  • Onboarding

    Our experts are experienced technicians who are given access to our comprehensive training program.
  • Inspections

    On-site inspections ensure your requirements are fully met.
  • 100% visual inspection

    Each job is documented by entering information on-site (photos, dimensions, etc.) and are manually reviewed by our team.

Out-source your installation and repair services to Roamler?