Client Success Story: PostNL

Are you planning to send Christmas cards this year? In order to make your Christmas cards extra special, festive December stamps should not be missing on the envelopes. This is why PostNL, the national Dutch postal and e-commerce company, introduced their yearly, artistic December stamps. To make the consumer aware of the availability of these unique stamps, PostNL provides all points of sale with corresponding promotional materials. By activating our on-demand merchandisers we were able to help PostNL control the visibility of these materials, ensuring all promotional materials had left the store warehouse and were in display for consumers.

3000 visits in 7 days

In a 7 day timeframe, our flexible merchandising community visited 3000 POS, including supermarkets, bookstores, tobacconists, gas stations, and more. Through the Roamler app, they were tasked to visualize the December Stamps promotional materials, to replenish if necessary, and to make sure the promotion area looked representative. For reporting purposes, all executing merchandisers uploaded “before and after” pictures of the promotional materials, making it possible for PostNL to have a complete overview of the campaign’s visibility.

Unique and impactful project

Anouk de Jong (Customer Success Manager at Roamler): “I always look forward to this project. The large number of locations to visit, in a timeframe of only 7 days, makes the project unique and very impactful. It is great to see that we can really make the difference in supporting PostNL during their December Stamps campaign. Our merchandisers always enjoy executing this task, and they are well received at each POS, in order to make the December Stamps campaign even more visible to consumers.

We are pleased to have contributed to the visibility of PostNL’s promotional materials, and we can’t wait to receive many Christmas cards addressed with December stamps in the coming weeks!

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