Winning more customers during the holidays

such as sunscreen lotions, ice creams and refreshing drinks, many SKUs are expected to experience a boost in sales, especially in areas that draw large numbers of tourists. These customers are, in fact, more likely to spend money in order to enjoy a good vacation and thus represent the ideal target audience for most brands.

For this reason, ensuring flawless in-store execution in coastal and tourist areas is even more crucial to achieving the right sales figures. However, a traditional approach to checking what really happens in-store can be rather complicated and expensive for many businesses.

The retail and horeca landscape of small, coastal villages and tourist cities with large summer populations is extremely dynamic due to the presence of many independent retailers, convenience stores, and seasonal bars and kiosks. 

That’s when a Crowd of smartphone-enabled shoppers who are already in the right place at the right time comes into play, allowing companies to get real-time, accurate insights at a sustainable cost.

A fast and accurate overview of all commercial channels

By leveraging a Crowd of hundreds of thousands of people who can transmit data from any location, manufacturers can get an accurate, real-time overview of their presence in both the “home” and “out-of-home” channels.
The members of the Roamler community are located everywhere in Europe and are ready to take action anytime, including evenings and weekends. They can report on OOS situations, planogram and promotion compliance, and more in supermarkets as well as convenience stores, drugstores, and pharmacies.

In addition, utilizing a Crowd of real shoppers who use their smartphones to transmit information and photos allows both large and small businesses to easily get detailed reports on what happens in bars, restaurants, petrol stations, and other recreational facilities, especially outside conventional working hours.

Mapping distribution in dynamic areas 

Not only can the Crowd easily report on the distribution and execution of specific POS, but — most importantly — it can also help in filling in an up-to-date map of all commercial activities operating in tourist areas. From supermarkets to bars to beach kiosks, our mobile community can contribute a detailed view of the actual commercial landscape of specific areas, helping brands to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their resources.

Would you like to check the availability and visibility of your SKUs and promotions in the most important tourist areas in Europe? It’s not too late to set up a campaign with Roamler.

Our project managers can turn your enquiries into user-friendly tasks for our mobile community in a matter of days.
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