New fruits and veggies monitor in hard discounters

but hard discounters still represent a blind spot for in-store data collection.

Despite recognizing the importance of this channel, growers, exporters and retailers still have almost no access to reliable and accurate data about in-store variety, prices, and product execution; data that is necessary to optimizing their sales strategy.

As a matter of fact, traditional field marketing has always encountered a huge barrier in attempting to perform in-store monitoring activities within hard discounters. As a result, there is virtually no data currently available from this channel, which makes monitoring the fresh-food category an even more complex task for the whole supply chain.

Crowdsourcing represents the efficient and sustainable solution

At Roamler we have solved this issue by deploying our large community of mobile users to check a bucket of more than 50 fruit and vegetable SKUs in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Germany. This helps the main players in the supply chain gain insight into the discounter channel, identify trends in prices and promotions, and adjust their sales strategy accordingly week by week.

One of the most interesting aspects about this monitor is its syndicated nature, which allows multiple players in the fruits and veggies industry to join the project and receive weekly reports. The subscription model, ranging from a period of six months up to several years, makes the monitoring activity sustainable from both a financial and an organizational point of view.

This approach allows multiple players to benefit from a constant flow of data at the lowest cost on the market and with no management involved. Our Crowd performs the field work every Tuesday, reporting on unit, price and promotion of the entire SKU bucket. The report also includes photos of price tags and countries of origin for each SKU. Within the same day, the data is processed by our team and sent directly as a detailed report. 

Through this monitor, we’re able to provide our clients with a unique picture of how fruits and veggies are marketed within hard discounters across Europe.

Are you interested in joining the fruit and veggies hard discounters monitor? Find more info here!