Free report: The Fruit&Veggies Hard Discounter Monitor – week 30 2019

Brands such as Lidl, Aldi and Penny are gaining the trust and loyalty of more and more consumers, especially in the fresh food category. Gathering data from the hard discounters channel though, has always been rather challenging and expensive with a traditional field marketing approach.

At Roamler we have solved this issue by deploying our large community of mobile users to get reliable and accurate data about the in-store variety, prices, and execution of more than 50 fruit and vegetable SKUs.

Our Crowd performs the field work every Tuesday, reporting on unit, price and promotion of the entire SKU bucket. Within the same day, the data is processed by our team and sent directly as a detailed report. 

The monitor is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Germany and allows multiple companies to subscribe and receive detailed weekly reports, at the lowest cost on the market.

Are you interested in joining the fruit and veggies hard discounters monitor? Find more info here!