Featured FAQ: Flexible resourcing business model

How does the flexible resourcing business model work?

By utilizing a flexible resourcing business model, Roamler manages more than the assemble of supply and demand. By scaling tasks through a community of independent professionals, we are able to handle the complete process; from having a specific request to arriving at the solution. This business model is two-fold, since on the one hand it enables FMCG-, retail-, tech-, and care companies to easily scale up or scale down their operations and get results faster. On the other hand, it gives independent professionals access to more opportunities, wherever and whenever they want.

Considering the unicity of this flexible resourcing model, we understand that it raises questions for you. That is why, in this article we dive into the distinction between our two available transaction forms; a customized project and a subscription model, giving you an answer on the frequently asked question “How does the flexible resourcing business model work? ”.

Customized project

customized project at Roamler includes the following 3 steps: (1) project management set up, (2) the execution of tasks, and (3) reporting.

1. Project management set up

During the project management set up, a selection of professionals from the Roamler community will be matched to your requirements in terms of skill set, demographics, and experience. Subsequently, our operational department assure your KPIs are turned into a clear task with detailed instructions, making it available and executable for these professionals through the Roamler app. Depending on the complexity of your project, a one-time project management set up fee will be charged for this process.

2. Execution of tasks

Once the professionals are working on collecting your data or carrying out your work, our country-based community managers keep in close contact with them, ensuring the coverage of your requested areas within established timeframes. Additionally, each submission is manually checked by our international team of reviewers, who cover several shifts throughout the workweek, weekends, and holidays. From a financial point of view, an amount for each performed task will be established beforehand, depending on the size and complexity of the task.

3. Reporting

With the start of the execution of tasks, all data will directly be available to you in our online portal. Using our customized analytic tools, you can monitor your most important KPIs at a glance, access location based data and pictures, and retrieve complete reports. Depending on the desired extend of these data reports, a one-time reporting fee will be charged for the dashboard set up.

Subscription model

Our community not only operates for customized projects; it is also the driving force behind our subscription model for retail monitors. The data gathered through millions of yearly tasks executed across Europe, allows us to identify patterns and make reliable predictions, so that you can streamline your operations and optimize resources even further.

For a monthly fee, you will get weekly or monthly data and photos from over 500 retail locations across Europe. As with customized projects, all data is manually validated, and made directly available to you through an intuitive live dashboard. Compared to customized projects, the advantage of this model is that no management is required from your side.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities with flexible resourcing, or would you like advice on the transaction form that best suits your KPIs? Get in touch with our experts.