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Roamler partners with Egg

Roamler is proud to announce a partnership with Egg: a UK company that helps its customers make better, greener choices by offering in-home solutions.

Roamler partners with Go Zero Charge

Roamler is proud to announce a partnership with Go Zero Charge: a UK company that is taking EV charging to another level. Together, we are creating stress-free surveys and installations for all customers.

Out of stock: a major issue in-store

Out-of-stocks are a major issue for manufacturers and retailers. To illustrate this challenge, we studied the Tea Drinks category in nearly 200 French hypermarkets and supermarkets in August.

Alcohol-free beer: 4 insights

Alcohol-free beer is clearly in the spotlight during the Grand Prix. We took a closer look at our data to find out more about the availability of alcohol-free beer and collected 4 striking insights.