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Consumer report: OTC medicine

The use of over the counter painkillers has been a controversial topic. We were curious to analyze the consumer behavior around the purchase of OTC painkillers, with a specific focus on “general pain” and “seasonal allergies”.

Crowdsourcing for retailers: the 4 issues the Crowd can solve

Immediacy provided by crowdsourcing is not only useful to producers, retailers have just as much to gain when it comes to capturing real-time feedback on what’s happening in-store. Learn more about 4 pain-points Crowdsourcing can help retailers with.

How to solve the main in-store challenges?

What really happens in-store still holds lots of blind spots for both manufacturers and retailers. What are the main in-store problems brands and retailers must avoid in order to keep a competitive edge?

Consumer report: dairy or dairy-free?

In recent years the market of dairy-free alternatives has witnessed an incredible rise in sales. We’ve asked our community to tell us about their preferences in terms of taste, shopping channel and much more.

Infographic: Roamlers and brand connection

Does the use of the Crowd also contribute in increasing sales for brands and retailer? We asked the members of our community to tell us more about the connection they develop with the brands and products they check for Roamler.

How to get Ratings and Reviews that drive Sales

Today users’ opinions strongly effect sales for all industries and product categories. With 97% shoppers claiming to consult an average of 6 reviews before a purchase, how can brands get the right exposure and increase sales?

Infographic: time for tea

Europeans are great tea lovers. Curious about their purchasing and consumption habits? Explore our infographic!