Optimise your field team by simplifying tasks in-store and allowing them to prioritise high value-added activities. Focus is the tool for field teams to increase productivity.

Save time

Optimise your sales force’s travels.

Simplify interactions

Facilitate communication between your teams.

Easily manage activity

Centralise your data and identify new growth levers.

Save time

  • Optimise your sales force’s travels
  • Analyse your data in real-time
  • 30% faster store checks

“I save time, I only go to stores with real added value.”
Marine, Sales Representative at Connétable

Simplify your interactions

  • Highlight the best activity
  • Facilitate the communication between your teams
  • Empower your Sales Force

“Focus allows us to trigger 17% additional visits.”
Florent, National Sales Director, Kellogg’s France

Easily manage activity

  • Centralise your data
  • Identify new growth levers
  • Gain reactivity in decision making

“With Focus, we have more useful contacts, so more effective visits.”
Charles, Sales Representative at Bonduelle

Success stories

“Focus is truly a performance tool that helps teams optimise their daily business.”

“Focus help us to have qualified things, that are adapted and that we can use daily”

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