Datlinq – A Roamler Company

In March of 2021, we announced that Datlinq joined the Roamler group. Per February 1st this year, Datlinq will position itself as ‘.A Roamler Company‘.

Being part of the Roamler Group enhances our capabilities and extends our international reach. From now on, we can offer you a unique proposition for the Out of Home and Retail industry.

What is new?

We will be able to offer you much more insights into market and consumer trends. With the strength of Roamler’s flexible workforce, we can offer you on-demand insights in both Out of Home and Retail, in almost every European country. Next to our Market Monitor portfolio, it’s now possible to set up tailor-made research for your desired product and region.

With the same flexible workforce, we will further enrich our location data with unique features. With the help of over 200,000 Roamlers, we can enrich our location data with photos of menus and venues, check opened and closed locations, and much more. In this way, we will be able to offer you even more valuable data, in more countries in Europe.

Are you looking for an on-demand workforce to support your marketing and sales activities? From now on, we can support you with your execution. Offering services like on-site checks to see if your product is promoted or served in the right way, follow up on samples, place POS materials and complement your sales team to increase their success!

There will be no change in our day-to-day operation and you can expect the same high level of service from us.

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