Frequently asked questions




No. By registering with Roamler you are making no commitment.

Some clients require qualifications, certification or Diplomas for certain tasks. We will ask for these during the registration / onboarding process. If you believe that you have an equivalent certificate / qualification, then please contact the Support Team. It is essential that all installers have a clean / clear DBS certificate (the Support Team will be able to help with this process).

No, as part of the Registration / Onboarding process we will ask for specific documentation, however as a professional / company, we expect you to be compliant with all relevant legislation and have up to date documentation.

No, but you will be required to accept our Terms & Conditions (these can be found in our Ts & Cs section). You will also sign these as part of accepting each task.

As a professional tradesperson we would expect you to have the necessary tools & equipment to carry out the tasks relevant to your experience (as advised in the registration and onboarding process), including any mandatory PPE. Any specific equipment required will be provided where required. All tools & equipment must be fit for purpose and safety checked in line with legislation.

Safety is very important to us. Any specific requirements (including PPE) will be shown per task. It is expected that you will adhere to any legislation guidelines as well as taking necessary precautions (including wearing appropriate clothing).

There are some tasks that do not require you to be a registered Professional. In these cases, we would expect you to carry basic safety equipment (gloves, protective eyewear etc.) and wear suitable clothing (skin fully covered, full cover shoes / boots)

Depending on the task, there may be requirements to use ‘stock’ items (e.g. cable) but these will be reimbursed as part of the task payment, or in some cases charged directly to the customer.

Branded polo shirts are provided to help identify you to customers. We recommend that you wear these while carrying out Roamler tasks. On occasions our clients request that you wear clothing carrying their brand, in which case these will be provided Free of Charge. In anay case, the rule of thumb is always wear neat cloths and to keep a professional and reliable look (no short, t-shirts, etc.)


No, but you will be required to accept our Terms & Conditions (these can be found in our Ts & Cs section). You will also sign these as part of accepting each task.Some of our clients require training for specific tasks. If this is required, you will be advised by the Support Team.

Yes. If it’s mandatory for the task, you will only be able to access the task if you have successfully completed the training,

We try and minimize travel for training, and where we can use online or in-App training, however sometimes training for specific tasks will require attendance at either a client’s office or a regional location.

If travel is not local then we try and cover fair travel costs where possible.

The app and tasks

You will be sent clear instructions of how to download and access the App. If you have problems our Support Team will be able to help

No, you are free to choose all, some or none of the tasks available to you.

This can be variable depending on seasonality & geographical location. We recommend the following: Check the mobile App every day to see what tasks are available.

Complete as many jobs as you can (even if slightly away from your usual geography), as this way it helps us to generate more jobs for you.

No. Tasks will be open to anyone with the experience & qualifications to complete them. This also means that you can accept tasks when you are travelling outside of your usual geography.

All available tasks report the requested day and time selected by the end customer. You can chose which tasks to perform according to your availability. In any case, times will vary. Some tasks will give a few days’ notice, but it could be as little as 24 hours (next day) or shorter (e.g. urgent repairs).

In the App you will see a list of tasks available in your area (based on your experience / trade, and within the radius that you set within the settings function). If you click on an available task, you will receive all the information about it, including the money reward you will receive for performing that task. You see the description and the day and time on which the job must be carried out. If you want to accept this, click on “accept”. The job disappears for other installers and you are now responsible for completion, at the required time.

Not sure if you are the right professional for the job, but still want to try it? Always contact the Support Team.

It is worth checking the App during the day, as if other Roamlers are unable to complete their accepted tasks, these will be put back into the list of tasks available on the App. If you are subsequently unable to complete the task, or arrive on time, you must contact the Support Team immediately.

No, tasks are at a fixed rate, based on prices agreed with our clients. These discussions take account of travel time, hourly rates, average time estimated to complete tasks etc. Rates may vary by client and type of task.

If you accept a task you must comply with the following:

  • Complete the task at the required time (within the required time guidelines)
  • Complete the task in line with the App / required instruction guidelines
  • Comply with the Ts & Cs
  • If you are subsequently unable to complete the task, or arrive on time, you must contact the Support Team immediately

These may vary (in which case this will be advised within the App), but the guidelines to work to are: You should arrive at the booked appointment time within 15 mins (either side) If you cannot make the appointment on time, you MUST inform the Roamler Support Team no later than 1 hour before If this is not possible i.e. due to local traffic congestion, then you should contact the Roamler Support Team as soon as you aware that you will be late If we fail to comply to this, clients may consider that the tasks have not been completed correctly (and withhold payment)

In this instance please contact the Support Team, who will try and agree a convenient time between yourself and the customer (although we will always try and fulfil the customers requested appointment time first, by asking other Roamlers).

Only tasks matching your skillset (that you have provided) will be made available to you. You do not have to accept tasks that you are do not want to do.

Contact Support Team within required time if you subsequently cannot complete the task / make the appointed time.

If you are going to miss an appointment time you must advise our Support Team within the time stipulated. Unfortunately, sometimes we must remove Roamlers from the App if appointments are continually missed, as this is a key requirement of our customers.

Full details will be given within each task on the App and support will be provided during the hours when you are carrying out the tasks.

Most tasks have specific work instructions. We require you to adhere strictly to them in order to manage risks, safety and comply with our client’s requirements. While on location, if you think that you should deviate from them then contact the Support Team.

We strive for the highest possible quality, as hopefully you do to, we double check all the tasks. We do this in three ways.

Every task submitted through the App is reviewed by a Roamler reviewer, and their job is to ensure that all the relevant steps have been taken (images, readings etc.). If this is the case, then the tasks are accepted, and you receive payment. If they feel that a task has not been completed in line with the request, they may reject the task. In this case you will be notified asap and given the opportunity to complete the task correctly.

In addition, we have a Field Support Team, who in addition to training and providing phone / on-line support, will occasionally make unannounced visits and accompany you when completing tasks, as well as following up with customers after jobs have been completed.

Finally, we ask customers to complete an evaluation survey (optional) when the task has been completed. In this survey, as well as asking about the quality of work completed, the customer gives assessments on your appearance, manner & communication etc. These can be made available on request, and if we have any concerns you will be contacted personally.


Tasks are at a fixed rate, unless specified (e.g. rate for additional time/service) and are based on our best estimate of the average completion time. If all instances of the task are taking too much time it will be reviewed, however in most cases it tends to balance out with some tasks taking less time.

Before accepting tasks, in the App you will be able to see what the payment will be. In some instances, there may be additional payments for e.g. additional time spent, materials etc. Where these are fixed / agreed with our clients it will clear within the App.

There may be instances where additional material may be required to complete a job (e.g. cabling / specific equipment) and where these are not provided, the client may provide discounted rates at selected outlets and/or provide rates to charge customers (which provide additional revenue to you). There may be instances when additional materials etc. will need to be negotiated directly with the client.

There are 2 ways that you may be paid:

If you are a VAT registered company, then you will be sent a completed VAT invoice (via the App). You then choose when you want to be paid, simply by sending the invoice to us. Payment will be via your PayPal Account. Payment takes up to 48 hours.

If you are non-VAT registered company, then you will be paid directly via your PayPal account (via the App) once the task has been accepted by the Review Team. Payment takes up to 48 hours.

You will require a PayPal account for us to pay you at this time, and our Support Team can help you with this.

What if I only have a personal PayPal account but I’m a registered business? It’s possible to set your PayPal account up to transfer monies straight into a nominated bank account (free of charge). Our Support Team can help you with this.

Unfortunately, not right now. We are working on offering this in the future, but at present all payments are made through a PayPal account.

Travel costs are included in the task reward payments.