As of September 7th 2022, platform workers who work via Roamler are automatically insured for public liability and personal accidents. To make this happen, Roamler is working with digital insurer Alicia. With this, Roamler is contributing to the accessibility of securities for platform workers, while setting an example for other digital platforms and policy makers.

Most platform workers not covered

As digital platforms for flexible work are arising all over the world, the number of platform workers is growing rapidly. Many of these platform workers choose to work uninsured, as they either don’t realise it might be valuable, or they simply find it too expensive or complicated. As a result, there is a large group of platform workers who have not covered themselves against various risks. More specifically, only less than 20% of people who work flexibly through online platforms reported being covered for employment injury¹. At the same time, social security is not yet extended to platform workers by adapting policy, legal and administrative frameworks.

Roamler takes action

This is why Roamler, a European leader in crowd-based activities for retail, tech and care, decided to take action and to contribute to the well-being of platform workers. Executing over a million tasks a year, Roamler’s crowd will be insured for both public liability, and personal accidents. This means that, as of September 1st 2022, Roamler’s crowd is insured in case something gets damaged, or in case they hurt themselves during task executions. To make this happen, Roamler will work with Alicia, an insurtech that makes insurance for freelancers. Alicia remakes insurances to be fit-for-purpose, providing coverage that freelancers need, when they need it. Thanks to their innovative technology, these insurances are directly integrated into the Roamler app. Marijn Moerman (CEO Alicia): “We’re proud of this collaboration, which enables us to service Roamlers in 6 countries in their native language. It is our mission to make insurance work for all European freelancers, so this collaboration was high on our list. Besides the fact that Roamler is an established work platform, it truly pursues a higher quality of life for freelancers. A fit-for-purpose benefits program is an integral part of that.”

Setting an example

By implementing this solution, Roamler hopes to set an example for other digital platforms and policy makers, in order to improve the general well-being of the platform worker. Jeroen ten Haave (CEO Roamler): “We highly value the independent professionals that by choice dedicate part of their time to perform tasks available on our platform. As their well-being is of the utmost importance for us we are happy we can offer them coverage for liability and  accidents related to their tasks throughout Europe.”

About Roamler

Roamler believes that the use of flexible workforces is changing the way people work by opening up more possibilities for both companies and independent professionals. With this, the European company matches the demand for fast and effective solutions to business problems, with professionals who are looking for more growth opportunities. Relying on a widespread liquid workforce activated on-demand, allows companies of any size to maintain the organizational agility the need to stay competitive.

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