Categorizing Roamlers in this manner has made it possible to offer more advanced tasks to more specialized and experienced members of the Crowd. Today, in addition to its Crowd of auditors, Roamler also hosts a Crowd of thousands of on-demand merchandisers who are active throughout Europe. They are able to execute tasks that require a more “hands on” approach, like replenishing shelves, installing POS materials, and fixing other issues on the spot. This highly specialized Crowd opens up new opportunities both for individuals and for companies, which can now take crowdsourcing to the next level.

After one-to-one selection and training, the members of the merchandising Crowd are able to choose from more complex and extensive tasks where consulting with staff is required and a certain level of dexterity is useful. For these tasks, also a higher level of accuracy, attention to detail and ability to understand and satisfy the client’s requirements are of utmost importance. 

The tasks require a greater sense of responsibility too. Roamler merchandisers are aware that they are responsible for how A-brands are presented on the shop floor. At the same time, these tasks allow them to improve their skills, specialize in activities relevant to their interests, and to earn more money. But who are these Roamlers who perform in-store activations for brands across Europe?

We see three demographic profiles that often recur in the merchandising Crowd: students (18+)professionals seeking a more independent approach to work, and retired individuals wanting to remain active with stimulating tasks. Though these profiles appear to differ considerably from each other, the three groups are linked by the shared desire to help out and make meaningful contributions through performing Roamler tasks, a desire they can fulfill with Roamler merchandising services.

We spoke with three Roamler merchandisers from the Netherlands, who each fall into one of these three recurring profiles. We asked them why they chose to become members of the Roamler merchandising Crowd and what they enjoy most about it.

The “Student” Roamler

Dennis is a 20-year-old student. “I have been a Roamler merchandiser since 2016. I enjoy it because it gives me maximum freedom. My university classes are quite irregular, so I can use Roamler whenever it fits my schedule. I love that I can add value for someone else, for both the store and the client. As a merchandiser I perform tasks in stores that employees often don’t have time to do. Plus, thanks to my training, I can ensure that the result satisfies the client’s wishes.”

The “Working” Roamler

Cindy is 48 years old, works full-time, and has been a Roamler merchandiser since 2016. “I like that my work as a Roamler benefits retailers. Placing POS materials in stores results in happy, surprised reactions from employees. Roamler merchandising suits me because I am a perfectionist, which comes in handy because brands often have highly specific visions for their POS materials. I am there to make sure their visions are realized according to plan. It’s rewarding to see the end results, too.”

The “Retired” Roamler

Tom is 65 years old and is retired. “I am a merchandiser since early 2017. What I love about it is the variety it brings to my schedule. My week can consist of lots of different activities: one day I am optimizing shelves for one brand and the next day, I’m on the road as a representative for another. The tasks are diverse, I work independently and can determine my own schedule. It not only helps the client and the stores but it also benefits me personally.”

These stories tell us that all age groups can and do enjoy the perks of being a merchandiser. Roamlers of all ages can become members of the merchandising Crowd as long as they are willing to go through a selection procedure to determine if their motivation and enthusiasm are a good fit. Want to learn more about Roamler merchandising or about members of the merchandising Crowd? Please contact us!