DAC7: New EUY tax directive

The tax authorities launched a new EU tax directive called DAC7. DAC7 is an EU tax directive that requires ALL digital platforms (such as Roamler, but also AirBnB, Bolt, Uber) in the EU to report revenue, personal and business information about the income the platform workers generate.

If you are earning money via a digital platform (although it’s a small amount), we will still need to share this information with your local tax authorities. So all Roamlers in EU, Norway and the United Kingdom are asked to provide their valid taxpayer identification info (TIN) in-app before 1st March 2023. This is for the purposes of reporting to tax authorities according to DAC7.

In case valid information is not submitted within that time frame, the account may have to get deactivated and/or payouts stopped until the required info is provided and validated. Important: The name and format of TIN varies by country as well as partner type (individual vs legal entity or business). For EU countries, Norway and the UK, please refer to the information below.

TIN-nr per country + example PDF

Name: NIF
Format: 1. 99999999L1. 8 digits + 1 letter
Example PDF: Spain

Name: Numéros d’identification fiscale (NIF) = Numero National/BTW (Belasting op Verbruiksgoederen) or VAT (Value-Added Tax) number
Format: 99999999999 – 11 digits
Example PDF: Belgium

Name: ‘reference tax number’ or ‘SPI’ number (Simplification des Procédures d’Imposition
Format: 99 99 999 999 999. The TIN is made up of 13 digits.
Example PDF: France

The Netherlands
Name: Burgerservicenummer (BSN)
Format: 9999999999 – 9 digits
Example PDF: Netherlands

Name: Identifikationsnummer / Steuer-IdNr
Format: 99999999999 @Denys (99 999 999 999) 11 digits
Example PDF: Germany

Name: Personal Public Service (PPS)
Format: 9999999L(W). 7 digits + either 1 or 2 letters
Example PDF: Ireland

Name: National Insurance (NI)
Format: LL 99 99 99 99 L. 2 characters + 8 digits + 1 character

Name: fødselsnummer AKA Pesonnummer Or Nasjonalt identitetsnummer or D-nummer
Format: 99999999999. 11 digits

Name: Personal Identification Number (CPR or Tax ID Number)
Format: 999999-9999. 10 digits
Example PDF: Denmark

Format: 1. 99999999999 2. 9999999999 – 1. 11 digits 2. 10 digits
Example PDF: Poland

Name: Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF)
Format: 999999999. 1 block of 9 digits
Example PDF: Portugal


Do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat.