What’s a “second placement”?

Let’s examine the most common ones together so you can understand the requirements of each task even faster.

What is a “second placement”?

A second placement generally refers to a second display location within the same store. This means that products displayed on a specific shelf are also offered in a separate branded display, a promotional basket, a gondola etc. This generally happens for items that are in promotion.

What is a “facing”?

A facing refers to a number of identical products on a shelf turned out toward the customer.

What does “private label” mean?

A private label is a brand that comes not from a manufacturer but from a retailer or a supplier. Retailers and suppliers purchase the goods, then label and market them under their name.

What is a “gondola end”?

Sometimes we’ll ask you to find a product on the so-called ‘aisle ends’ or ‘gondola ends’. By this term we mean the shelves that are situated at the head of the regular aisles. They often have promotional items on them.

What is a “shelf meter”?

We count shelf divisions in “meters”. Shelf divisions can be indicated by a strip on the shelf or by a small gap between them. The width of the shelves differs with each supermarket , but remember that one shelf division length equals one meter, even if the length doesn’t necessarily measure exactly one meter.

How do you count shelves?

You should count the number of the shelves from top to bottom. The bottommost shelf on the ground also counts as one shelf.

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