but what are the advantages of being part of an on-demand Crowd? We asked some members of our community to give us an insider’s perspective on what it means to be a Roamler.

What are the reasons to join?

According to our internal research, most of our app users (44%) claim to have joined Roamler to earn more money and afford some extra little pleasures while filling in their personal schedule. This is the case for Jennifer, Roamler in the UK: “Working as an independent photographer, I was looking to fill the gaps in my work schedule. Roamler is perfect for this: it keeps me busy and focused while allowing me to earn a bit extra.” 

The same applies to Dennie, who is a bus driver in the Netherlands and often deals with irregular schedules: “As a bus driver I work split shifts, so I perform Roamler tasks in between. I open the app and start doing tasks in my neighborhood. A nice way to fill gaps in my schedule and keep myself busy.” 

The quest for fun, challenging, and rewarding activities is the second big motivating factor.
Jeroen from the Netherlands explains: “I’ve been a Roamler for several years now, and I still enjoy it as much as I did at the start. I know how to perform tasks efficiently, as you become quicker each time you try. It’s fun; it feels like a game, and it is quite addictive.” 

In some cases, it is the immediate need for money that encourages users to jump on the crowdsourcing bandwagon. In fact, by enabling immediate pay-outs whenever needed, Roamler gives Crowd members maximum flexibility and control over their expenses. 
 “I joined Roamler because I needed some dreaded bills paid. I wanted cash quickly and without any hassle. Roamler seemed the perfect solution and still helps me out when needed,” states Kelly, an active UK user. 

How do they do it? 

With tens of thousands tasks available throughout Europe every day, Roamler provides its Crowd with a fully customizable app for locating tasks.
For Pilar, a Roamler in Spain, combining the execution of tasks with her grocery shopping is what works best: “I usually combine my efforts. Supermarket tasks come up quite regularly, so I wait to do my grocery shopping until a task comes up.”

Vince from Belgium has a different personal preference: “I like focusing on those tasks where the reward is higher, like merchandising tasks.”
Building displays or replenishing shelves is certainly more challenging and time consuming, but it also represents an efficient way of earning for those Roamlers with an eye for detail.

Some Roamlers have less reward-focused preferences. Hans, a Roamler in Germany, states: “The tasks I choose are mainly a combination of assignments in supermarkets, small stores and pubs. I check the app and plan a logical route.” So does French Roamler Flavien, who is sometimes able to perform up to 18 tasks a day by following one specific tramline in his city. 

Marvin from the Netherlands adds: “There is literally money to be earned everywhere. Whenever you have a bit of time to spare, you can earn money with Roamler. A while ago I was at the airport, and I wanted to get something to eat. But why pay for it myself? I checked the Roamler app and saw a task available in the airport which earned me €6,50.” 

What do they buy?

With task rewards ranging from €2 to €40, Roamlers can enjoy a nice amount of extra money on top of their usual monthly incomes. 
Jannemieke from the Netherlands was able to purchase some impressive items with the money she earned: “I bought a flight ticket, partially financed my car, and from now on will have it sent straight to my savings account.” 

For a Crowd of thousands of individuals, there is no one right way to be a Roamler: each Roamler has their own preferences and best practices for using the app.

Brands can benefit from seeing “through the eyes of the Crowd”, which gives diverse perspectives that can provide insight and can inspire forward movement in terms of brand development and in-store execution. This synergy is beneficial for both parties: the client and each one of our Roamlers.