Making the most out of pictures and comments

Our clients need to have a clear visual overview of how their products are displayed inside stores, and we want to make sure we provide them with as many detailed photos and as much information as we can.
However, keep in mind that it’s not about quantity!

In each task, you will find a detailed description of what we want you to photograph, but there are a few ground rules that always apply:

1.    Make sure your photo is not blurred and that the products you are checking are clearly visible.
2.    When you are requested to take a photo of a whole category, make sure you are able to picture the product island from bottom to top.
3.    Do not include other people in your photos. In fact, you need to make sure you respect the privacy of other customers.
4.    In the majority of cases, you are not allowed to take pictures from your camera roll  because for paid tasks, we need the location information of the photo.
5.    Most shops and stores won’t have a problem with customers taking photos, but if you are requested not to do so, please respect the request and let our team know.

In addition to taking good photos, please remember to make use of the comment tab at the end of each task. There you can share more information with our team.