who are willing to perform small tasks on demand during their spare time.

This gives you the flexibility to optimize your budgets and resources while expanding your capabilities when needed.
But how do we make sure you get the most suitable individuals for your location-based insights and actions? 

There are 4 main steps our Project and Community Managers follow to ensure you the best match between our on-demand Crowds and your requirements.


Our Crowd is organized according to skills, experience level, and proximity to your requested locations. Our Community Managers recruit only the individuals who are a perfect match for your requirements.


Our Operational Department turns your KPIs into clear tasks for our Crowd to execute. Our Project Managers make sure the Crowd receives a clear briefing and that each action they are requested to perform is thoroughly explained. That’s how we can offer you the highest level of accuracy.


Community management is a crucial part of the execution of each task. Our country-based Community Managers keep in close contact with the Crowd, ensuring the coverage of your requested areas within established timeframes and providing timely support when needed.


Accuracy is Roamler’s strongest feature. For this reason, we manually check each submission coming from our Crowd. We count on the expertise of an international team of reviewers who cover several shifts throughout the workweek as well as on weekends and holidays. This way, we can provide you with accurate data in the shortest timeframe.

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