Infographic: Italians and pasta

May 2020

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During the recent lockdowns, images of empty supermarket aisles and shelves have made the rounds on the news and social media.

All over the world, together with toilet paper and canned food, pasta has been among the items that consumers have stock up the most.
Even though today pasta, either dried or fresh, is widely eaten everywhere, Italians remain the most loyal consumers.
According to research, it is estimated that Italians eat over sixty pounds of pasta per year (about 3 times more than Americans), choosing from more than 300 different shapes and varieties.

Did you know that only a minority of 13% of Italian shoppers consumes pasta less than once a week? About 36% eats it almost every day, while the remaining part enjoys it from 2 to 4 times a week.
With more than 70% of preferences, short pasta wins the hearts of Italian consumers who mostly buy penne and fusilli. When it comes to long pasta instead, spaghetti is definitely king.
Packaging also plays a quite important role in the choice among different brands, and the majority of Italians tends to opt for a practical carton box.

The findings presented in this infographic are based on the results of task submitted by the Italian Roamler Crowd in May 2020. 

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