Out of sight out of mind: The importance of product visibility

We wanted to discover which available brands they would buy for themselves and for what reasons. The Roamlers happily obliged, with 70 stores being visited on the very first day of the check.

Of all the brands available in the stores, 60% of the participating Roamlers indicated that they would buy Nivea. While this is a rather overwhelming percentage, it is unsurprising when considering the availability and visibility of Nivea products on the shelves at most of the stores visited. 

As you can see, Garnier and the store’s own brand also had a lot of shelf visibility, but Nivea was presented at eye level, the best possible shelf placement. 75% of the stores visited were running promotions, many of which were from Nivea.

Another aspect which hurt other brands was the product simply being out of stock, such as the instance below.
Roamler regularly runs out of stock (OOS) checks for clients, and knows how severely OOS issues can affect sales.

While Nivea dominated the Roamlers’ brand choice (60% selected it as the available brand they would buy), Garnier and the store’s own brand were runner-ups. The chart below show’s the reason for the Roamlers’ selection (apart from the availibility and visibility of the brands, of course!).