Looking back at Christmas promotions of 2016

They found the best Christmas promotions in their local supermarkets. Roamlers in Poland, Chile, Sweden, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Netherlands participated. The results revealed some interesting aspects about consumer preferences regarding store types and seasonal promotions.

Chain stores are preferred by Roamlers

We asked Roamlers what kind of stores they like to visit to buy their Christmas gifts, including whether they prefer chain stores or independent stores, such as concept stores. On average, 70% of Roamlers indicated they preferred chain stores over independent stores. 85% of these Roamlers indicated that they had previously visited this store. No Roamlers knew of the store through an advertisement, while just over half simply saw the store while walking past, and 44% knew it through word of mouth. This shows that the atmosphere and/or outward appearance of a store is important for drawing consumers in.

Another way of catching the consumer’s eye is by executing impressive promotions. The more impressive promotions are, the more likely it is that they will attract the consumer. Most of the impressive promotions found by Roamlers were either on aisle ends or promotion islands.
Furthermore, the impressive promotions were usually either offering a discount, or a special product.

Confectionery products have the most impressive promotions

In most participating countries, confectionery products had the best promotions, as selected by Roamlers. On average, just under half of the participating countries indicated this. Swedish Roamlers, for instance, indicated that 71% of the most impressive promotions were of sweets, chocolates, and other confectionery products. Beverages were also top-featuring products which had impressive promotions, but not nearly as much as the confectionery products. 16% of the impressive promotions found were of beverages.


Follow the season for consumer satisfaction

When asked whether they found a promotion attractive or not, many Roamlers expressed satisfaction with regards to the Christmas theme of the promotions. For instance, one Roamler said the following: “The promotion is very festive and it’s nice that it has Christmas gifts presented in a display that looks like Santa’s workshop”.

Many Roamlers across all participating countries were also very satisfied with the offers on Christmas products and decorations. One Roamler, for example, stated: “This is a really impressive display…it looks like they have gone all out to provide for everyone’s decorative needs!”.

These types of responses are unsurprising when examining them alongside key retail strategies. Aligning promotions with important international holiday dates, such as Christmas day, is considered one of the top retail promotion strategies (Source: Compass). The relevance of the promotion’s theme to the consumer leads to greater consumer satisfaction. It is no wonder then that, in North America, 2016 was the year of promotions. Perhaps in 2017, the rest of the world will follow suit.