Infographic: 10-minute grocery delivery

Riders on electric bikes zoom from small warehouses to customers’ homes within 10 minutes, delivering fruit, milk, and other convenience goods. From Germany to India: the 10-minute grocery delivery startups are emerging everywhere. Experts state there is clearly a high demand for this service, and the question that arises is: What drives this high demand for 10-minute grocery delivery, where is the demand greatest, and for which products do consumers want to use this service? We've gathered some interesting facts about 10-minute grocery delivery, coming from our European Roamler communities.

Key findings

1. The older the European consumer, the less he or she uses 10- minute grocery delivery services.
2. Most customers of the service are living in Spain and in The Netherlands. Belgians make use of the service least.
3. In case of the unavailability of 10-minute grocery delivery services, 81% of European consumers state they are willing to use the service if it was available in their region. 
4. Average order sizes range from 3 to 5 products and from €11 to €20 euros.
5. Dinner ingredients is the most ordered product category.
6. Gorillas has a favored position throughout Europe.
7. A good working app is the main motive behind brand favorability.

Read all findings in our dedicated consumer report.

The findings presented in this infographic are based on the results of task submitted by the European Roamler Community in 2022. 

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